Application Process


Our selection process is challenging! We are thorough with our selection of the student. We only check for passion, leadership, and character. We do not believe in GPA scores. We bring in the right character and build the opportunities from there. We coach them to be eligible at the Top Schools and build leadership that lasts forever. 

We are NOT a money-making machine; We challenge the existing status quo of education and have a mission to build students for the future because we believe in the model that has created repeatable success, and we have a vision. Our enrollment is thus highly restricted to select students because it takes enormous effort from our side. Our coaching model is not meant for every student, but only those who want to rise higher.

Please Note: There are three (3) assessments that every student applicant needs to go through. It would be best if you did NOT attempt all of them but start with the first one. We receive the assessment after you “Submit” it. We assess it and then request you to attempt the next one. It usually takes an average of 3-5 hours of investment per assessment for the student. Our education model fits into the student; Not the other way round. We invest an immense amount of time and energy to understand the student. We hope that explains why the student needs to invest so much time into it. Success is not an easy road. Thank you for understanding what we stand for. Please scroll down and follow the instructions. May the force be with you!


If you haven’t watched the video, we suggest you start there and understand the Student Leadership Program.

Post-COVID and current times, the entire industry, including the way education is perceived, is changing. You need to be very clear if this program is for you. This program will take effort and dedication towards your dreams, so be prepared to work hard for it. No one is more interested in your future than yourself. You can count us in with you, we will do whatever it takes, but in the end, you are the one that needs to work the hardest.

Assessment - 1 - Prepare


This assessment is about PREPARATION. You prepare to tell us about what you want to do in life, where you want to go, what your top schools are, how you see the world and understanding the philosophy of Altus Education.

You will also go through the world’s challenges, where the future is heading towards, and why you need to prepare differently. You will also learn about other student projects and how they became successful.

ADVICE FOR THE STUDENT: These assessments aren’t easy because you will have to dig deep into yourself. Be original, be you, be honest, dream big!

Click on the BUTTON below to go to the assessment page. It will take you 3 hours or so, and you can take short breaks if you wish to. Ensure you hit the SUBMIT button. Good Luck!

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