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Parents and Students : You cannot have a great college plan without having a stellar Student Debt and Financial Literacy education at an early stage of life. We teach you that. Please go through some of the sections to know what we teach.

At Altus Education, we take Financial Education very seriously. Most students are smart, intelligent, self-aware and genuinely want to create an impact. We want to prevent mistakes later in their life by starting early, which most students are usually not guided towards! Debt and scarcity rob students of their dreams. You cannot be a leader in the 21st Century with an empty stomach! Be proactive. Be mindful. Leaders are Learners.

One cannot build a solid Financial Foundation if they don’t understand the problems they will face moving forward. The video explains it. The “Why” is critical.

Face it “head-on.” All leaders do!

The solution always emerges out of the problem. Understanding the problem and thus becoming aware of it is the first step.

At Altus Education, we teach the art and science of “problem-solving.” It is at the core, and that applies to everything we do, including Financial Education.  Applying the principles of ” Cause & Effect”  to find the “Root of the Problem” is what we drive into our students. 

What is the “Root-Cause” of the financial challenges that we have had for decades? One can never solve the problems until they can fish them out of the deluge of information. Usually, the answer is simple. The video explains it.

In the end, what matters is being self-aware and building the right habits. Most of the time, habits perpetuate throughout their lives. The education of the “Root-Cause” is critical at this age to build habits of the future.

One needs to find solutions. Be naturally inquisitive!

For example – one of the key elements for me was taking feedback from the wealthy who studied with me at Harvard Business School – Exec Education program. How do they build wealth? How do they protect their wealth? How do they save money from taxes? How do the wealthy create family values? How can they keep perpetuating wealth when millions lose their wealth? What financial habits do they practice?

The video looks at solutions – and starts right at the root. It asks basic questions – “How do you plan?”.

– What is thorough planning?

– What are the key components?

– What is the Effect of this planning on you? 

At the core of System Dynamics is a subject called “Design Thinking.”, specifically when you have to find solutions. Just like a great design or painting or song, some elements appeal more than others. It may not be appealing to everyone, but is the closest answer to the solution we seek. The same applies to Financial Education.

This video explains the logical design of building a plan by understanding the correct design aligned with student leaders’ future needs.

Typically the concept of “Infinite Banking” or “Private Family Banking” is hardly understood by common people except a wealthy few.

Today as knowledge becomes “Uberized,” it is easy to look at the “effect” of these investments. The video explains the possibilities.


Hello Parentsthis 30 min video will walk you through a couple of items:

1. Students will need to invest in the Infinite Banking / Private Family Banking model. However, you will need to start it for them. They continue it post their employment at a later stage. Let habits grow early. They will thank you for it later!

2. The video will walk you through the details about the model as perhaps the most steady way to be financially free – simply because Wealth is a function of Time/Age.

3. We also want to ensure students don’t get into debt! Neither do you. Besides, they will need to keep investing after they graduate, so it builds habits and the right motives at the right stage of life. 

We can’t ( and neither can you or anyone ) build student leaders if they are NOT financially free! Thanks for watching. It will be worth your time. Most parents actually thank us post their investment into this financial vehicle.

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