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We imbibe “Systems Thinking,” “Problem-Solving,” and “Systems Dynamics” to anything we do, especially at the project level, which creates the real-life experience the student needs and also what the Ivy Leagues look for to be successful. This is exceptionally important when writing an essay! We do cover the Trivium, although sadly, traditional education has nearly wiped out its existence and value.

Have you ever thought about why the Ivy Leagues and the Top Schools like MIT focus on essay writing? They take it very seriously! (Altus Education takes Trivium very seriously as a subject as well. Reasons below.)

Trivium - a model that was wiped out by traditional education

It is because of the “Trivium”!  

99.9% of Americans, including teachers, have not heard about “Trivium.” Some who know it may sometimes argue that it is an antiquated model and primarily belonged to the middle ages as it is the base of “Classical Education”. 

Trivium is the only model that helps you discover the “why” in a structured and coherent manner. Only the “why” brings absolute clarity in a human being and makes the person humble, industrious, and conscientious. To be able to comprehend ( Grammar), Logic (Why), and Rhetoric ( Wisdom and Articulation) is a yardstick of success. 

The essay is all about “Trivium,” yet hardly known. It is a super broad subject ranging from tactical to esoteric, so we don’t cover it but help the student understand the model to be applied to the project and system dynamics.

Altus Education teaches students to use the fundamentals of Systems Dynamics, Systems Thinking, Problem Solving, and Design Thinking. The habit of putting these elements into project-based learning and creating impact is the biggest differentiator for students in the Altus Education Student Leadership Program.

So what is Systems Thinking? 

“Systems thinking is a holistic approach to analysis that focuses on how a system’s constituent parts interrelate and how systems work over time and within the context of larger systems.”  Guess it sounds complex and jargon like?

How about understanding the concept through a short animated video?

As humans and robots/AI work together, the only task a human will need to do is to solve problems. System Thinking is the foundation to do so.

How you think matters! In fact – it actually matters a lot. You, your existence, your memories, your viewpoints, your dreams, how you act-react, how you look at the world make a big difference. At Altus Education, we focus on the “individual” and how they impact communities through a mission. Never forget –  just a handful of individuals change the world. At Altus, we seek them and build them.

What we explained above is explained neatly through this 10-minute film on Systems Thinking. Please go through them. 

Note: Nearly all Top Schools want problem-solvers and independent thinkers. 

Get used to working with robots, Artificial Intelligence, and others when you graduate. When manual labor is taken care of by software, human existence will depend on your ability to solve problems. That’s the next frontier! 

At Altus Education – we focus on Innovation. Every project needs to be an individual creation. Creation is the effect of being entrepreneurial, and we leave no stones unturned. The future is all about Innovation. You make the rules. Your impact drives the future and makes the world a better place. Believe in it. Take that responsibility on your shoulders. You need to care deeply about it.

This is a fascinating video from MIT that explains the use of Systems Thinking in youth.

The world of education is changing because Knowledge is getting “Uberized.” What matters is thus – how do you synthesize and apply it to create something for a better future!

One last thing – when you have to change something and make it better, plain intelligence will not matter. You genuinely have to care for a cause, a community, or a mission.

Community Leadership is the future. At the heart of the Community is the Individual(s) with a “Mission.” The mission and the individual mingle together to create the impact. The future lies in cooperation with individuals and communities that form ecosystems. Altus is all about building these communities by celebrating the “Individual” aspect totally lost in schools and universities who produce workers. While they need to do what they need to do, we do what we believe we need to do.

The reason Altus focuses on the Individual and the Community because of the lesson learned from two organizations. 

First – World System Builders who educate families about finance and help them better their lives. Xuan Nguyen, one of the greatest community leaders, built thousands of financially free families.

Second – Scott Harrison and Charity Water. We strongly suggest you watch the entire video and be inspired. Scott uses Leadership, Community, System Thinking, and System Dynamics to impact communities that have no access to water. One Individual – Massive Impact.

That’s what Altus aspires towards. A 1000 student leaders of the world, who will create an everlasting impact in communities by 2030.

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